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Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, is one of Scotland's most charming and historic villages.  The village is both a lively, modern community and a heritage treasure with a large part of the Village designated as an area of outstanding conservation. We hope that you will be tempted to explore this website further, to find out more about the village of Kilbarchan.

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Kilbarchan is a friendly place with an active community life. Events, clubs and societies are well supported by local people. The Kilbarchan area is served by a wide range of facilities.


The Kilbarchan conservation area is a tempting destination for visitors seeking relaxation. Kilbarchan has a heritage of listed buildings foremost of which is the Weaver’s cottage.


The Kilbarchan area is a fine place to do business. Agriculture and small businesses, such as accountancy firms, software developers, trades and retailers thrive.

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